The Young Now Are Enjoying Because of the Recumbent Bike

Today, in the big cities, cycling is still a trend, along with the time, more and more strange bikes appearing on the roads, and best recumbent bike is one of them. Recumbent bike is a homemade vehicle, basing on the bikes in the old days, which allow the bikers to put their backs onto the chair of the bike and two feet on the front pedals. The small bar of it is designed so neatly with some controlling buttons; make you feel more commodious than other designs of bike. If in the 30s of the 20th century, recumbent bike was just introduced to be a new vehicle in urban, after that, the creators design some versions of it for racing. Some of them have ever made the record about the bike pace, but then, they are banned to use in famous races by their organizers forever, including the Tour de France race.
Despite of the danger when controlling a traffic vehicle while lying in the crowded street status in several countries, this also takes the risk of the traffic law. Because when the bikers are in this posture, they are difficult to look actively at both sides and the back, so the forming of this vehicle is nearly unsafe. Moreover, recumbent bike is still a mean of transport that almost is not checked.
But, if you have a chance to hang out on a lot of center ways in large cities, you can see many young people taking part in the traffic with the style of both biking and lying, especially in Europe where the recumbent bike is a quite popular vehicle. With the recumbent bike, you will feel more commodious and less tired than the common bike, as the weight of your body will be distributed on a big area and your back will help for the force to bike.
There are so many different styling for recumbent bikes, about whether the distance between the front and back axle is short or long; whether the size of wheel is big or small or medium; whether you must control above or below the seat or the bike does not have the manual controller; whether the rudder is in the front or at the back?
If you are in Asia now and want to play with this kind of recumbent bike, mostly you have to buy the accessories from Thailand and assemble by yourself through basing on the guides that are available or referring on the Internet. To complete a recumbent bike, you must pay about from $ 300 to $ 500.
This type of recumbent bike is also usually used to be a touring bike. Because of some reasons such as: pleasant and commodious with the reasonable size, the soft, balance chassis; can carry and transfer goods well; firmly, durable and easy to repair and change; climb and pass the steep well; and safe on the highway.