Optimize the Movement of Body Weight While Playing Golf

In this article we focus primarily on 3 different types of backswing: rightwards centralized leftward, centralized, vertical centralized and very little about the ratio of body weight movement when the swing because we do not believe that there is a specific evidence from the golf researcher to give a reasonable comment. Many teacher teaches golf in the prior generation experiment they evaluate that golfers should move 30% of body weight to the right foot at the end of the backswing and 80% in the left foot at the time of exposure, but the ratio 80:20 was not based on a particular scientific research. A few years back, the study of the movement of the weight of the body when swing dramatically increased, there are a few companies that sell these devices to measure the movement of body weight based on the strain at the foot of the golfers Swing as Catalyst and Sam Balance Lab. Some current golf teacher has used this device to apply to the process of their teaching. But we really doubt that a few master golf has taken the standard parameters to teach students in but that’s just based on personal information they give out, not a statistic, research evidence in a scientific way. And this is simply proof for their theory are taught. So we decided to write this topic details to help golfers understand in-depth advice on weight shift and help them avoid being tricked by the improper instructions, no specific scientific evidence.

1/ The Best Is Referring Some Tips From the Experts

Great article that we have read regarding this topic shift weight by a few experts. He is an expert tuning and interested clubs this subject and have in-depth study on it. We will use information from the article refer to his excellent and we encourage people to try to read the entire article. We think the most important part of the article of a few specialized that part is they’re given the differences between the CoM (focus of mass – centralĀ of body) and CoP (focus of pressure – a force is put the important part of a feet). CoM are some experts defined as follows: “CoM is a place on the part/ body to balance when it completely kept while the player post the rope to hang up at the point.” CoM of golfers rely on the rest mass on various parts of his body (some part such as body, arms. leg) and a posture of his body while the swing is done. For example, a posture of player’s body in the position is P4 (end of backswing position) as well as P7 (impact position) vary the position of the body CoM also different.

2/ Base On the Technical Analyzed Details


Pictured above are a few experts describe a photograph from swing analysis software the player are exposed when the ball (left) and digitized into next drawing. Red dot on the picture to the right which is the location of the body CoM this time. This program calculates the allocation percentage of body weight, left and right are based on the correlation between the CoM and legs position.According to some experts, 51% of body weight is the player’s left leg and 49% is located in the right leg when the ball contact. The figure below shows the distribution of body weight of the golfers at the end backswing (p4) and impact (p7).
Please note that 38% of the weight of the player is in his left foot late in the backswing and 51% are located on the left foot at impact. A red arrow pointing from on down expressed the position of com. this position changed very little between the two time points. The minimize move CoM position during the swing which allows golfers to easily hold the balance between the legs.

3/ Use the Software to Analyze

By using this software to analyze many videos of many professional golf swing, many experts have developed are the level of movement of body weight when doing swing. Below is a chart with copy from his posts, charts showing the distribution of the weight of the body onto the left foot (the foot) of some PGA golfers ranked in the past and present.
The distribution of this weight there is nothing surprising. The most meaningful thing, the most important can be seen from the chart above that is CoM move very little for the swing of most professional golfers, this also minimized the significance of the transfer of the center of gravity the body to maintain balance between the two legs. This thing can help you guess the preliminary allocation of the weight of each person’s body while playing golf.