Different Grips And Playing With Grip Strength for Different Shots

  • The Baseball or 10-finger Grip

Simply scoot your leading hand down your golf club’s grip, you will achieve this kind of grip as long as there isn’t space between fingers of both hands in place of overlaying or interlocking your pinky finger. It looks like a baseball bat.
Beginner golfers, players with arthritis or small hands usually use this grip. When applying this, that means you are given more leverage allowing your golf ball to move farther. However, perhaps it can’t give you an exact shot. Pay attention that leading with your hips and following with your hand while swinging.
  • The Vardon Grip

Take and move back your leading hand’s pinkie finger for laying on top of your off hand’s fingers, you will achieve the Vardon Grip. Put on the top of the space between the middle and index fingers. This grip is not only a┬átraditional textbook but also the most common one. Unlike 10-finger grip or baseball, the Vardon Grip suits to players with big hands. Especially, it is more comfortable than golfers with the interlocking grip. You own small hands, right? Shouldn’t take it.
  • The Interlocking Grip

Separate your off hand’s middle and index fingers, you will achieve this. Let you move your leading hand’s pinkie into this space as long as both your hands interlock. It fits to weaker and younger golfers but there are a lot of other great players still play it like Tiger Woods. Your hands are average or medium, right? Try to achieve it. However, some of players will feel uncomfortable, although this grip helps decrease excess wrist motion and tension.
  • Experiment With Weak And Strong Grips

While the strong grips mean precise opposite with a rotation to your golf club’s side farther away from your target, the weak grips are your rotated hands on the golf club handle more towards your target. You get a weak grip when only seeing your forefinger’s knuckle on your leading hand.
Your weak grip is able to backspin to the golf ball, add height and combat a hook even a weak grip may cause your golf ball to slice and it is very difficult to achieve a suitable swinging. In the event of a comfortable strong grip with a result in great low hit, it may make you prone to hooking.
  • Weaken Your Grip for A Short Golf Game

You will gain loose distance and more accuracy that do not essential. The more normal you grip the golf club is, the better it is and notice which position your creases created by the pointing thumbs and forefingers. Normally, it is located closer to the target and the left side of your chin (depending on your dominant hand: right or left).It looks like a V shape. On a short game, you may want point this V shape closer to the target.
  • Angle Your Wrist Down to Put

On the green, you would like to minimize the motion in your wrists. Remember to move your putter’s handle back in your leading hand because of resting on your palm’s lifeline. Do the similar thing with another after that angle your wrists down to put. Use a baseball grip for holding your putter in place of wristing motion here. To keep them locked, let you angle your wrists down and hold your putter with a ten finger grip. The putter had better be your arms’ extension as well as swing like a pendulum.