October 2016

Tips for Holding A Golf Club By Mastering Grip Basics

In fact, to hold your club, there are many methods you can apply. However, the selected way ought to make you feel as comfortable as possible. Basically, any sound grips can support you hit the golf ball straight even rise precision or maximize the distance on your short golfing game. You should know that a appropriate grip is one of the most important and essential elements to get a successful golf game. That’s why in this article, I will show you how to hold a golf club by mastering grip basics. Put Your Leading Hand On Your Golf Club In…

Different Grips And Playing With Grip Strength for Different Shots

The Baseball or 10-finger Grip Simply scoot your leading hand down your golf club’s grip, you will achieve this kind of grip as long as there isn’t space between fingers of both hands in place of overlaying or interlocking your pinky finger. It looks like a baseball bat. Beginner golfers, players with arthritis or small hands usually use this grip. When applying this, that means you are given more leverage allowing your golf ball to move farther. However, perhaps it can’t give you an exact shot. Pay attention that leading with your hips and following with your hand while swinging….